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Absolutely guaranteed! Each and every one of our items is meticulously crafted from pure 14-karat gold and remains free from any plating. In our premier collection, we showcase the exquisite beauty of gray diamonds, black diamonds, and opals.

We procure our gold from the New-Delhi, and source our gemstones and diamonds from Kolkata and Mumbai. While we can verify the ethical and conflict-free origin of our gemstones, we are presently in the process of tracing the exact source of our gold.

Our assortment of modular, high-quality fine jewelry essentials is crafted to allow for creative customization, perfectly matching your vibrant and ever-changing lifestyle.

Our range of modular fine jewelry essentials is artfully crafted for creative customization, adapting to your bold and dynamic lifestyle. Crafted from top-notch gold and gemstones, our pieces are not just for the present; they’re the foundation of a timeless jewelry collection you’ll cherish forever as you build it.